Sunday, January 5, 2014

NO more "Crack aka Pirate" Programs

Once upon of time when I started making music by using the computer with programs back then it is FLStudio 6 was out and rocking but I had the demo at the time. A friend of mines I want to school with he was a computer wiz somehow he got the full program of FLStudio 6 for me in no time.

He was doing the same thing with FLStudio 7 and 8 he has been giving me crack programs to work with but at the same time something wasn't feeling right, it felt like something was missing a feeling that I wasn't getting the full pride of my art of music i wasn't satisfied because I was using “Pirate Files also name Crack Programs”.

By the time FLStudio 9 was about to be release to the world since that day I told myself that I will never use crack programs for my needs and wants no more. Since I started buying Programs for my needs and wants I been feeling every bit of pride and learning new experience throughout the years since.

Two years later by the time FLStudio 11 come out I knew how to work every settings, plugins much better than before because everything was “Bought" there iwas a different a lot of great things has change since then. I started to get customers who pay money to buy my beats for their projects been ask to produce some tracks for video games and so on; it was like every human who use to ask for free stuff was block out of my life.

I believe if I was still using Crack programs in today’s time none of this wouldn't happen to me. It’s a miracle and a blessing to follow your heart and listen closely to what it tells you, So if you want any changes you can start by investing into your wants and needs to go far.

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